We forge the path towards equal access to hydrogen

Leaving the planet better than when we found it

New A.G.E. is a mission-driven technology company with a portfolio of patented solutions aimed at improving global quality of life. The company’s core focus is on clean energy; specifically a single more efficient process that yields hydrogen production, coal ash clean-up and rare earth element extraction.

Simply put, we lower Co2 emissions by at least 35%, clean toxins by 85%, create abundant hydrogen more efficiently than any other process, remediate fly ash and harvest rare earth elements.





Veteran Owned

Life at New A.G.E.

We strive to bring love and compassion into all we do – in our research, thinking, the business we build, and the impact we leave. We believe that our impact on this earth stretches beyond what we currently see. 

New A.G.E. Team

Carbon Credit Initiative

New age is at the forefront of the global energy transition, developing the next generation of energy production and carbon reduction technology. The development and deployment of these carbon reducing projects results in the generation of valuable carbon credits that New AGE is using to develop and implement the next generation of clean energy across the United States and around the world, leading to an even cleaner, more efficient, and sustainable future.

Environmental, Social and Governance in a New A.G.E.

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria are the defining set of standards for a company’s operations. New A.G.E. holds commitments to community, sustainability, and integrity very dear. We never forget that we truly are creating a New A.G.E. where trust forms the foundation of all relationships.

Environmental Stewardship

Environmental stewardship is in our DNA. New A.G.E. technology enables the remediation of the millions of tons of fly ash buried around the world. We remove the mercury, sulfur and arsenic that poison ground water. We transform this waste into a viable commodity by using fly ash to create hydrogen and harvest rare earth elements. The result at the end of our process is nutrient rich soil. Everything else is removed and put to beneficial use.

New A.G.E. innovation will help accelerate the mass use of hydrogen fuel for electricity and to power truck fleets, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions

Business-to-Community Social Commitment

With each project New A.G.E. embeds itself within local communities. We meet with government, community, business, and faith-based leaders to determine local needs. Then we give back 10% of our profits to community initiatives such as economic development, local job opportunities in new as well as established industries, and medical resources. We build churches, schools, bridges and roads to help restore healthy infrastructure.

Good Jobs

Communities across the country have suffered declining demand for coal. Our 10% community contribution includes education, economic development and services that help revitalize the cities we operate within.

We can restore local economies with a new tech-driven process that is directly related to an industry they know, coal mining and power generation. We provide education and training to enable citizens to apply themselves to higher paying sustainable jobs in the high-growth clean energy space.

We launch independent local economic development corporations to bring new complimentary industries and jobs.

Farm-to-Table Communities

Citizens in the U.S. have been gravitating to farm-to-table communities, also called agrihoods, in record numbers. An agrihood is a mixed development that combines food and real estate. These neighborhood villages offer residential living with a farm-to-table focus for families seeking a lifestyle centered around simplicity and sustainability. Residents connect with the land, get to know their neighbors, and enjoy confidence in and control over their source of food. As part of economic development, New A.G.E. supports farm-to-table communities that uplift local residents.

Governance and Oversight

New A.G.E. has several bodies that oversee governance. Our Board of Directors is directly responsible for overseeing leadership and operations to ensure compliance and proper business practices. Our Advisory Council includes members from the financial, high tech and energy industries. This group works with the Board and C-Suite to guide strategy, innovation, operations, and business growth. Our Kingdom Council provides direction and support to ensure we adhere to Kingdom Business standards, values, and culture.

Several government entities including the SEC, DOE and DOI interface with us and audit operations to ensure we are operating compliantly. Additionally, we develop internal processes and regular internal audits as needed to maintain a sharp, safe, ethical business.

We are a Kingdom Business

We are a group of people called to create a cleaner future for our world. We believe in elevating the quality of life in the communities we operate within. A commitment to ethical decision-making, and an understanding that people and the planet are sacred, guide our strategies and operations. We are Spirit led. We believe that God blesses the world through our innovation and endeavors. We commit to dedicating 10% of our earnings to community investment based on local community needs. We have a Kingdom Business Advisory Council focused on Kingdom Business standards, values, and culture.

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