Jeff James

Chief Financial Officer

As a veteran financial officer, Jeff has strengthened both established and start-up companies through his Treasury, Accounting, Financial Analysis and Planning expertise. During his career covering banking, finance, construction, and telecommunications, he has partnered with CEOs and executives to help companies chart their financial trajectory. He has a history of assessing financial opportunities and risks leading to the identification of short- and long-term financial objectives.

Jeff has impacted a number of major brands including Flamingo Homes, GMAC Master Servicing, Community Credit Union of Plano, Accubanc Mortgage, Moneyline Construction, Nexius Solutions, Realty Appreciation, Inc. and Luminator Technology’s.

Jeff understands every aspect of corporate finance & administration having successfully held positions as CFO, Treasurer, Tax Mgr., Sr. Accountant, Auditor, Controller, Vice President of Operations, as well as Director of I.T., Director of Human resources and various other leadership positions. Setting up accounting, HR & payroll systems on new and existing platforms are but a few of the many achievements he has reached.

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