The world's largest hydrogen infrastructure plan

Hydrogen fueling & EV charging stations

A clear plan for creating access to hydrogen across the world

New A.G.E. is launching the world’s largest hydrogen infrastructure projects focused on making hydrogen accessible to all. Leveraging multiple protected processes by Vodik, hydrogen energy now makes both business and environmental sense.

A wide open future

New technology has unlocked the future of hydrogen

Hydrogen Hybrid Fueling Stations

On-site production of hydrogen with both hydrogen fueling and EV charging

Water Electrolyzer

Allowing zero emission production of hydrogen on-site, all from the power of wind and solar

Low-pressure Gel Hydride

Allowing ten times the storage capacity of high pressure storage, with increased safety

Hydrocarbon Plus™

Manufacturing technology which allows for 85% cleaner and 35% hotter coal burn rate

The New Energy Infrastructure Plan

Phase One: Infrastructure

New A.G.E. will build 750 hydrogen/electric hybrid fueling stations in partnership with Admiral Oil and IPS.

These hybrid stations will be powered by Vodik’s new protected processes for onsite green-production and low pressure ambient temperature storage.

Phase Two: New A.G.E. Processing Plants

New A.G.E. will build multiple processing plants that will simultaneously remove toxic waste from coal and generate hydrogen for clean sustainable electricity.

These plants will create Hydrocarbon Plus™, which burns 85% cleaner and 35% hotter then traditional coal. They will also produce reconstituted Fly Ash that is cleaner than anything currently on the market. 

Phase Three: Next Gen Plants

New A.G.E. and Vodik are currently developing the patented technology for a processing plant that will create hydrogen with zero carbon emissions and 100x production capabilities. 

These new processing plants will have the capacity to support the airline industry’s future demand for green hydrogen.

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