Jim Provan

Chief Information Officer

“Jim is known as a brilliant problem solver, able to tie together complex software systems to power secure business operations,” said Michael C. Wilson, New A.G.E. Founder and Chairman. “He knows how to leverage technology and attract talent to drive business results. He will be an important member of our leadership team.”

Provan held positions such as CEO, Vice President of Research and Development, Vice President of Information Technology and Vice President of Customer Engineering for companies in the telecommunications and healthcare space. He has also run his own technology consulting firm for the last 30 years focusing on custom software projects for clients including the U.S. Department of Treasury, the State of Michigan, and several financial services firms and banking institutions to help them automate secure financial transactions and communications. He has created innovations in products for the medical industry as well.

At New A.G.E., Provan’s focus will be on total end-to-end encryption and security for company systems and communications using the latest Fintech and IPFS technologies.

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