Michael Moore

Executive Officer & Director of Government Relations

Michael Moore is a public administrator and social entrepreneur with a proven track record of helping organizations become more effective, efficient and impactful.

As a public administrator, his goals included improving operations, product quality and culture. Michael has been recognized for his distinguished public service, leadership, humanitarianism and commitment to excellence.

Michael’s professional career began in the private sector as a technology consultant with Accenture for Oil & Gas and Energy industry clients gaining experience in business development, project management, workflows, analysis, organizing personnel and team building. As a seasoned leader and servant, he is passionate about advancing organization effectiveness and social impact. In addition, he is also involved in various professional organizations/programs and philanthropy.

Michael is also a respected public administrator that began his public career as a Legislative Aide at The Texas House of Representatives, before moving on to organization development for the Energy and Real Estate divisions of the Texas General Land Office. Currently working for the City of Houston, Michael is widely known for his ability to be proactive, build concensus, implement, delegate and empower.

Michael began his career in the United States Military, gaining unparalleled experience in total quality leadership and management, while also establishing himself as a respected team member and sailor. His passion for organization development, efficiency and effectiveness can be traced back to his service in the U.S. Navy as well as his time as a consultant with Accenture.

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