Mike Wilson

Founder, Chairman of the Board

The consummate idea guy and salesman, Mike knew he was on to something amazing when he called a college professor about one of her inventions/patents. From that conversation, New A.G.E. was born, and Mike passionately believed the company could positively impact both the environment and the communities impacted by the dying coal industry. Later, when emerging technologies were combined with Mike’s Christian beliefs, he took up the mission of “The restoration of creation…”.

From his humble beginnings as a military brat, Mike decided to give the US Army a chance, and that military experience had a tremendous impact on his life. While moving about the globe, he learned that discipline, organizational skills and a keen attention to detail are absolutely essential to the success of every mission!

With his military and collegiate careers behind him, he gave into his entrepreneurial spirit and started up the first of several companies: Display Concepts, Inc. as the vice president of sales, building portable and modular exhibits and fulfillment programs for companies like The Lyons Group [Barney], American Airlines, Fossil Watches, PepsiCo, Frito-Lay, and Children’s Medical Center just to name a few. Mike followed this success with Exhibit Creators as the president and CEO, designing and building custom modular and custom exhibits primarily for the apparel and consumer electronics Industries for companies like Hobby Cat, Walls, AMX, RUNCO, Straight Wire, California Audio Technologies, CinemaTec and Monster Cable and many more. As the founder of Cinema Design Group, he set new standards in the manufacturing of custom theater interiors and acoustic products in the burgeoning consumer electronics industry. His entrepreneurial heart notwithstanding, Mike’s true forte is his imagination and vision when designing and building teams that breed and breathe success!

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