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Senior Consultant

An Illinois native, was raised on a family farm in south-central Illinois. After graduating from high school, Mr. Klinefelter attended Southern Illinois University and graduated in 1969. 

Shortly after graduation, Mr. Klinefelter joined the United States Marine Corps and was commissioned a Lieutenant in the USMC Reserve (USMCR). Mr. Klinefelter completed Naval Aviation Flight Training with the highest grade point average in over thirty years and was selected as the Marine Corps Flight Student of the Year. He was one of sixty-nine Marine Aviators initially selected to fly the AV8-A Harrier and the only Lieutenant to fly the then post-production Harrier in an active Fighter/Attack squadron for several years. Due to his contribution during the development of the Vertical/Short Takeoff and Landing Tactical Employment Doctrine for the United States Armed Services, Mr. Klinefelter was awarded a Meritorious Augmentation into the Regular Marine Corps. After his separation from active duty, Mr. Klinefelter continued to serve his country in his capacity as a Reservist until his separation from the USMCR as a Major in 1989. After completing his active duty commitment in the USMC, Mr. Klinefelter elected to join Continental Airlines as a pilot and remained an airline pilot until Continental’s bankruptcy in the late 1980s.  

Mr. Klinefelter then took his business management and development skills and began to turn around fledgling companies in the fields of engineering and financial management as an independent consultant and later as a partner in Liquid Engineering Corporation – taking the company from a small engineering firm operating in eight states to the largest engineering firm of its kind in the world, with operations in forty-two states and the Caribbean. Mr. Klinefelter continued to provide consulting services on an “as available” basis to several engineering firms in the area of business development and recently refined and successfully implemented a Computational Fluid Dynamics Operational Analysis and Marketing Program for a large engineering conglomerate in less than sixty days. 

Mr. Klinefelter relocated to the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex to join Red Group Development as Vice President and Chief Operating Officer in 1999. Under Mr. Klinefelter’s guidance, Red Group developed multiple mixed-use subdivisions in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area and provided site design and contract development services to firms as far west as Oahu, Hawaii. 

Until joining New Alternative Green Energy in late 2022 as a Senior Consultant, Mr. Klinefelter continued to operate a business consulting and residential real estate development firm doing contract developments under the flag of Klinefelter Consulting Group providing services in the area of site assessment, overall project review, project financing, property entitlement, engineering, architecture, site design, warehouse construction, and contract development. 

Mr. Klinefelter is an accomplished public speaker with over thirty years’ experience, as well as a Certified Emergency Assistance Program Counselor. 

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