Dr. Michael Hendrix

Founder, SVP Community Outreach

Apostle Michael Hendrix has been pastoring for over 25 years. He began Evangelistic Prison Ministry in Vienna, IL in 1994-97. Through preaching, conducting bible studies, counseling and weekly church services he empowers men to walk in their priesthood charging them to walk righteously as men of God. Bishop Hendrix also serves as a community leader and participates in court ordered community service programs for men, providing them with assistance for employment opportunities to re-establish their lives. He mentors young fathers, teaching them how to be active in their children’s lives which is a ministry dear to his heart from personal experience, as he identifies as being a single parent, raising his four children while simultaneously working and doing ministry.

Bishop Hendrix has helped many leaders build their ministries and was given the opportunity to deliver the word of God at many churches throughout the U.S. Bishop Hendrix also has preached and taught the gospel on T.V. and Radio broadcasts. In 2014 he married Apostle Lillian Hendrix. He and his wife merged ministries to form KGI Deliverance Outreach Ministries where together they conduct in weekly church services, empower the people through “tag team” preaching, prophesying, working in ministry to help people turn their lives around. They train pastors, prophets and ministers in the work of God, engage in community outreach programs such as feeding and clothing the homeless, conducting marriage counseling, suicide prevention, as well as many other works.

In 2017 Bishop Michael Hendrix was ordained as an Apostle. In 2018 he received an Honorary Doctorate from Bible Institute Of America. In 2018 KGI School Of Ministry was established by Dr, Michael Hendrix and Dr. Lillian Hendrix. As he continues to work in his calling in 2019 he received his PhD in Theology.

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