Creating a sustainable future for agriculture

Restoration of Creation

A clear plan for creating sustainable agriculture

New A.G.E. has joined forces with Healing the Earth to introduce a groundbreaking technology to change the face of agriculture as we know it! This innovation will produce a harvest that could previously only be obtained over 8,000 acres, all within a footprint of just two acres. Through this partnership, we strive to create a world where farming and sustainability are deeply interwoven, and agriculture can be kinder and gentler to our planet. Together, we aim to build a resilient ecosystem that will endure for generations. We are passionate about unlocking the potential of this technology and are excited to see the positive impact it will create on our planet and society.

A wide open future

New technology has unlocked the future of growing

Grows food 3 times faster

Uses 97% less water

Always safe organic food

No need for synthetic fertilizers

No contaminants

Water is a limited resource and is becoming scarce and expensive. Conventional farming pollutes both ground and surface waters. Climate change is exacerbated by conventional farming. There is a global shortage of agricultural land; in many places none is available without cutting down more rainforest, reducing urban growth, or destroying natural lands. The land left for agriculture is usually poor quality for growing crops and becoming very expensive. Conventional farming is subject to weather conditions and climate, which limits farming seasons.

Benefits of Fast Track Farming

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Growth in urban or rural settings

Allows growth in urban or rural settings, significantly reducing supply chain issues.

Reduced Labor

Few employees create an abundant amounts of food.

Diverse Applications

Can grow crops to feed both humans and domestic 

Reduced Cost

Cost to harvest is considerably less than conventional farming.


Fast Track Farming does not pollute environment – water, soil or air.

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