New Alternative Green Energy Inc. Announces Partnership with VODIK Labs

Texas companies work together to commercialize patented electrolysis process that harvests rare earth elements from fly ash, produces hydrogen from coal and ash mix.

FEBRUARY 17, 2021—FORT WORTH, TEXAS—New Alternative Green Energy Inc. (New AGE), a company dedicated to creating a cleaner future, today announced a partnership with VODIK Labs of Fort Worth. The companies are working together to produce a commercial prototype for New AGE’s patented electrolysis solution that harvests rare earth elements from fly ash, enabling a productive revenue stream for remediation and repurposing of the coal waste. The patented New AGE process also produces clean energy alternatives such as hydrogen and HydrocarbonPlus™ from coal.

“After researching veteran hydrogen companies, we selected VODIK because of the complementary technologies and experience their team offers,” says New AGE Founder and Chairman Mike Wilson.

“New AGE and VODIK are working together very closely to bring multiple disruptive technologies into the marketplace in the coming months and years, and we believe that not only will these technologies create many jobs and benefit Texas but will be used on a global scale to benefit mankind in general,” says Carey Hilton, CEO of VODIK Labs.

The electrolysis prototype is expected to be announced later this year.

Marcus J. Lemon, Senior Counsel, Infrastructure and P3 at Clark Hill, is a former Presidential appointee to the Department of Energy. He was introduced to the New AGE solution in 2020. “New AGE’s solution helps solve two important strategic priorities for the United States: the ability to harvest rare earth elements domestically from coal ash and a pathway to clean energy independence,” Lemon says. “The New AGE technology is some of the most exciting that has come online in

recent years and caught the attention of DOE.”

About VODIK Labs

VODIK is a disruptive technology provider specializing in the development of solutions and advanced materials for government and commercial applications. VODIK Labs has over 15+ years of experience within the industry sector of hydrogen, including but not limited to, electrolysis and other forms of hydrogen production, hydrogen storage, solid-state energy capture, fuel cells, various engine combustion technologies, and distributed power applications. VODIK utilizes its human capital, as well as other outside global relationships in the areas of fluid dynamics, multi-phase flow control, physics, physical chemistry, and all disciplines of engineering (including electrical, mechanical, petroleum, chemical, materials, and aerospace). VODIK Labs has past proven performance on several projects through various agencies within the Department of Defense. VODIK continues to apply its IP portfolio and expertise to bring its own and others’ green energy technologies to the marketplace.

About New Alternative Green Energy Inc.

New AGE creates a cleaner future. With a single patented process, New AGE simultaneously removes toxic waste from coal and fly ash while producing hydrogen and HydrocarbonPlus™ and harvesting rare earth elements. The company also is pioneering new ways of harnessing wind, purifying water, and deploying hydrogen infrastructure to enable mass market use of the fuel. For more information visit


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