New Alternative Green Energy Inc. Announces Headquarters in Marlin, Texas

  • Central Texas location supports strategic vison of bridging coal and hydrogen economies.
  • Rural communities offer advantages to companies and employees in the post-COVID era.
  • Company plans to bring new wave of tech and operations jobs to Central Texas.

JANUARY 26, 2021—MARLIN, TX—New Alternative Green Energy Inc. (New AGE), a company dedicated to creating a cleaner future, today announced the location of its corporate headquarters in Marlin, Texas, effective February 1, 2021.

“Central Texas is the perfect place for a transformative energy tech company,” says New AGE Founder and Chairman Mike Wilson. “Here in the heart of what historically has been Texas coal country, we will work with power plants to transform their coal and fly ash into cleaner energy alternatives while we harvest rare earth elements (REEs). We’re excited about the economic impact we can have in Central Texas communities as the market for hydrogen matures and we help build a US reservoir of REEs.”

Wilson believes that the remote work paradigm is here to stay, and that low-cost, no-commute rural communities offer an attractive alternative to urban and suburban locations for the company, employees, local economies, and the environment. New AGE is repurposing an abandoned National Guard armory for its office space and has plans to offer employees temporary housing as needed for meetings, R&D collaboration, and other projects. Marlin and surrounding communities have some incredible “fixer uppers” that the company could take on and restore to former beauty.

Mayor Carolyn Lofton explains “Marlin has several programs to build infrastructure and support a thriving business climate. Additionally, Marlin’s proximity to world-class universities, colleges and trade schools provides a wonderful talent pool that local businesses can draw from.”

“We will work to deploy a talent pipeline for New AGE in collaboration with Baylor and Texas A&M. We’re also looking forward to working with local citizens and leadership to provide training and new job opportunities,” Wilson says.

Part of Wilson’s vision for New AGE includes economic development, funding for startups and community support, working with Marlin’s Mayor Lofton, City Manager Cedric Davis and other city, county, and state leaders. “We’re looking at sustainable community features such as agrihoods and ways to broaden citizens’ access to jobs that can provide well for their families,” Wilson says.

New AGE’s headquarters location is adjacent to the Municipal Airport on FM 147. “We’re pleased to work with the City to make our facilities easily accessible to clients and partners,” Wilson says. “Because coal ash is an environmental problem world-wide, we’ll build on our Texas operations to offer services to clients in other states and countries.”

About New Alternative Green Energy Inc.

New AGE creates a cleaner future. With a single patented process, New AGE simultaneously removes toxic waste from coal and fly ash while producing hydrogen and HydrocarbonPlus™ and harvesting rare earth elements. The company also is pioneering new ways of harnessing wind, purifying water, and deploying hydrogen infrastructure to enable mass market use of the fuel. For more information visit


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