The Hydrogen Economy: Hyped for Years, the Most Abundant Element in the Universe Is Finally Having Its Moment

“Right now, hydrogen is high-carbon, and expensive—not exactly a promising state for a transformative, low-carbon fuel.

And yet, alongside fuel cells, which use hydrogen to produce electricity and unlike a battery does not need to be recharged, hydrogen is increasingly seen as a promising new addition to the energy puzzle. For one, it’s a promising replacement fuel for industries like shipping and aviation where it’s particularly difficult to reduce emissions. For another, green hydrogen can be produced when there is excess green power in the system—a particularly windy day, for example—and then stored for later use, helping manage the unreliable production challenge in low-carbon energy systems…”

“The IEA sees green hydrogen production increasing by nearly six times between 2020 and 2030 under their sustainable development scenario, and many countries—from France to South Korea to Australia—have announced national plans or investment stimulus for green hydrogen, both to cut their own emissions and to establish a head-start in what could one day be a lucrative energy export market, much like oil or gas are today.”

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New A.G.E. Perspective: Our technology creates hydrogen from coal and coal ash with an electrolysis process that adds no CO2. We present an alternative to high carbon hydrogen production – while offering remediation for ash.

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