Michael Stewart

Director of Engineering

Mike’s career spans 35 years and covers a plethora of technology roles from engineering and quality management to project management and product development.

As Chief Engineering Officer for US Infrared Inc. Mike was responsible for all aspects of engineering, quality, and production of infrared camera systems. His customers included the Department of Defense, the U.S. Navy, Aero Flite wildfire suppression airplanes, and U.S. Marine Corps Base Kaneohe, HI.

Mike was Director of Quality, Technical Services & Advanced Technology Integration at Rockford Corporation. There he oversaw all aspects of product quality and successfully reduced the warranty failure rate from 12% to below 0.4% by implementing new testing strategies and quality procedures — while reducing overall production time dedicated to quality by 3%. As part of his role, he also managed the quality program for Nissan North America.

While at Soundmatters Asia, Mike led research and development and production engineering of audio solutions for many companies including Foxlink, Viewsonic, Logitech, Renault, Apple, IGT, Roku, Jawbone & Optoma. He oversaw production of designs in China and worked closely with new technology suppliers like Texas Instruments, Power Integrations, and Apogee Technology developing products utilizing new efficient and inexpensive digital amplifier chips, as well as cutting edge home theater solutions.

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