Shaping Tomorrow’s Global Hydrogen Market Via De-Risked Investments

“Why being the first mover on the decarbonized energy market can bring huge, long-term, benefits if done right.

In order to deal with the climate emergency, the European Union is on the road to decarbonization. Many other countries around the world are also taking action. These countries are rapidly concluding that a successful decarbonization path cannot solely rely on renewable electricity and that a zero-carbon hydrogen solution will be needed. Growing the hydrogen market will also be necessary to lower costs, to increase the power system’s flexibility and to decarbonize many industries. Therefore, governments have started supporting the growth of the low-carbon hydrogen market, just as they did for renewables. By wisely making use of government support and policies, smart first-movers will be able to reap the benefits of de-risked investments and shape the future of the global hydrogen market.”

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