New Alternative Green Energy Inc. Announces Dr. Anthony U. Martinez as Chief ESG Officer

Environmental, Social and Governance remains fundamental to Company’s strategy.

MARCH 31, 2021—MARLIN, TEXAS—New Alternative Green Energy Inc. (New AGE), a company dedicated to creating a cleaner future, today announced the appointment of Dr. Anthony U. Martinez to the position of Chief Environmental, Social and Governance Officer effective July 1, 2021. Dr. Martinez recently attained certification in “Sustainable Capitalism and Environmental, Social and Governance” from UC Berkeley Law Executive Education, his law school alma mater.

Dr. Martinez, a retired university business professor and U.S. Army, Medical Service Corps Vietnam-era veteran, has been supporting the New AGE leadership team working in business development and community outreach since July 2020. For years, he has championed the economic development of minority communities, including extensive work with the Navajo Nation.

“I believe we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the power of private industry initiatives for the public good,” says Dr. Martinez. “As the concept of Environmental, Social and Governance matures, New AGE plans to be a significant voice and model for the societal advances that can be accomplished under the ESG umbrella.”

“New AGE is incredibly fortunate to have a leader with the credentials and experience that Dr. Martinez brings,” says Michael C. Wilson, New AGE Founder and Chairman. “Martinez’s work with the Navajo Nation complements our community outreach and ESG direction and prepares us to begin executing on those initiatives when our first round of financing is complete.”

Since its founding in 2019, New AGE has been committed to devoting 10% of profits to community development efforts. Dr. Martinez collaborates with New AGE Founder and Senior Vice President of Community Outreach Bishop Michael Hendrix of Chicago as well as Chairman Wilson on setting the ESG policy, directing economic development programs and community outreach initiatives.

“Our vision has always been to use 10% of profits to improve the quality of life for the communities we work within,” says Wilson. “Whether it be bridges, roads, schools, churches, jobs, homes or food and water supply — we have creativity, passion, talent and resources to help.”

About New Alternative Green Energy Inc.

New AGE creates a cleaner future. With a single patented process, New AGE simultaneously removes toxic waste from coal and fly ash while producing hydrogen and HydrocarbonPlus™ and harvesting rare earth elements. The company also is pioneering new ways of harnessing wind, purifying water, and deploying hydrogen infrastructure to enable mass market use of the fuel. For more information visit


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