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July Shareholder Update

A letter from Mike Wilson

To our dear and valued Shareholders: 

It is such a privilege for me to share this letter with our amazing and growing New A.G.E. family. Truly the foundation of our success has always been the quality and character of our Shareholders. And now, day by day, the reward for your support and belief in New A.G.E. is being revealed in exciting and measurable ways.

First, let’s talk about what’s new at New A.G.E. In the few months since my last letter, the progress of our team has been nothing short of astounding. Some of the highlights include the following:

  • New A.G.E. announced the closure of a license agreement with VODIK Labs advancing this critical relationship. With VODIK at its side, New A.G.E. now has rights to the company’s hydrogen-related intellectual property, latest hydrogen infrastructure capabilities. In consideration of the New Fueling / Charging Station technologies, New A.G.E. now has a $1.53 Billion Letter of Engagement from Simon Phillips, Principal of Phillips Capital Partners, for the production and positioning of 750 H2 Fueling/EV Charging Stations. This LOE allows New A.G.E to determine the placement of these fueling stations based on highest market potential as identified by the major automotive manufacturers and to uncover new strategic growth opportunities.
  • New A.G.E. has also negotiated an International Agent Agreement with PANGEA Carbon Capture, LLC,  a globally recognized leader in bringing institutional investors and industry experts together to advance the future of sustainable energy. In its support of New A.G.E., PANGEA will serve as our dedicated representative with the mission of identifying potential hydrogen infrastructure opportunities throughout the European Union. 

We have many more opportunities in our pipeline to rapidly expand New A.G.E.’s growth and future dominance of the hydrogen infrastructure and delivery market. Thanks to the expertise and relationships of our newest team member, Luke Frederick—who now leads our business strategy efforts—I eagerly anticipate bringing more great news for the shareholders.

Next, while we all understand that activity and momentum are important, it is the measurable impact on the company and resulting value to our Shareholders that is most important to you. To help me illustrate this value proposition, I’m going to spotlight the journey of some of our first investors—Tom and Sue Cyr and Aleishia and Curtis Miller—in a way that provides context to the value of their participation in our ongoing growth and success.

  • In February of 2020, Tom and Sue came to New A.G.E. as our first investors and, for me personally, an answer to a prayer. Over a wonderful meal and great fellowship Tom and Sue  purchased a significant number of shares at $0.05 each, and thus became our first investors. Since then they have become both good friends and priceless mentors.
  • The Summer of 2020 led to a seminal event known as our “Friends and Family” stock offering. My trusted cohort  and her husband, Aleishia and Curtis Miller, took center stage in this round of financing with the purchase of shares at $0.50 each,  leading to a significant amount of initial investment in the company from other friends and family.
  • As of this week—with the developments listed above—our stock price is now valued at $1.00 for both Common and Preferred shares thanks to Carey Hilton of VODIK Labs, Simon Phillips,  PANGEA team and you our Friends and Family.

Congratulations to Tom and Sue for believing in us and for taking that first  leap of faith. We all look forward to the exciting future with the company as we explore the possibilities and ultimate purpose that God has in store for our company.

This is not a solicitation to purchase or sell any securities in New Age, nor is the past success of the company any guarantee of future success.

Our work is far from done. We continue to  identify, build, and close opportunities that God presents to accelerate both our business momentum and the value of New A.G.E. stock. We do this for you, our shareholders; our friends and family; and, most importantly, for the glory of God in Whom we will forever place all our trust, our hopes, and  our lives. I, for one, can’t wait to see where He leads us from here! 

Much Love,  


On the New A.G.E. Horizon

Regulus Term Sheet

New AGE has received a signed Term Sheet from Regulus Energy, INC. The Term Sheet details a $5.3M placement of funds into New AGE. Using a Collateral Agreement, the $5.3M will be secured with 2 million Common Shares of New AGE Treasury Stock. The Collateral Agreement will be executed upon Regulus receiving funding from Gainsberg Capital . This will reinforce our current share value and increase a future valuation. This arrangement also injects working capital into develop our current product and project development.

Dawson Racing

New AGE has signed an MOU to partner with Dawson Racing.  Dawson will help introduce Vodik’s low-pressure, ambient storage system into the motor sport community and ultimately into consumer application.

Hydrogen on the rise

German auto giants place their bets on hydrogen cars

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Bulgaria, Greece to build hydrogen pipeline

Located in the Greek city of Alexandroupolis, Malinov is convinced that the liquefied natural gas terminal will be ready for operation no later…

Hydrogen vehicles to exceed 1 million globally by 2027

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