Dan Verakis

Senior Advisor and Prospective CEO

Dan has helped some of the world’s most noteworthy companies succeed with their transformation and growth strategies. For over 25 years, his career has evolved along an unconventional path — one that combines overall growth strategy/change management + marcomm + emerging technology. Along the way, he’s helped companies peer into the future to anticipate market disruptions, and turn them into opportunities.

Dan has worked client-side, transforming companies like Whirlpool and Monsanto. He’s also helped lead innovation and marketing firms with clients such as: Baxter, Corona, Experian, McDonald’s, Navistar, Porsche and United Airlines.

He is the former founder and CEO of SafetyBook — a manufacturing and consumer product recall monitor. He was a director at Technori, which has advised hundreds of early stage companies and helped establish the Chicago tech-startup ecosystem. Dan also helped launch the White House Federal Data Community during the Obama Administration. Additionally, he has a proven track record of driving change management to align teams against a strategic new vision.

Throughout his career, Dan has lived and worked internationally, including: London, Prague and Milan. He usually spends his spare time in one of two very different places – either at the bottom of the ocean scuba diving (usually in Cozumel) or in the forest hiking (usually the redwoods of Marin County).

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